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A working refrigerator or freezer is essential for anyone in the food service or beverage business. These machines may seem sturdy and dependable, but a problem can arise at any time. Even an issue as small as a worn door gasket on a walk-in cooler or freezer can prevent the door from sealing completely, raising the temperature and damaging your goods.

Rather than risk spoiled Food, melted ice cream or hot drink, Call  for Emergency service, A1 America Commercial Refrigeration NOW.

What We Fix

We are professionals in the field of Commercial refrigeration repair service and currently work with a wide variety of clients, including local restaurants, grocery stores, churches, and dairy production plants Ice cream walk-in-freezer low temp -22 deg King of Pop ,Blue Bunny in Atlanta, GA. Our team repairs equipment like walk-in freezers and coolers, reach-in freezers and coolers, and ice machines and more…..

A1 American refrigeration is a problem solving company
It doesn’t matter how big your problem it is , We can repair or replace the bad parts, From a small fan belt to a 30 hp compressor. Even a small fault in the machine can have negative consequences, So it’s best to call The professional services Of  A1

America Commercial Refrigeration now.

Common problems with commercial coolers and freezers include:

  • Frozen evaporator coils = Low on gas, Bad fan motor
  • Clogged drain lines
  • Overflowing drain pans
  • Compressor malfunctions
  • Clogged condenser coils

If your cooler or freezer seems to be struggling, To keep the items at the correct temperature, Or if the machine is making an unusually loud noise, call us Today , It’s often CHEAPER to repair a problem than to replace the Equipment.

Who is A1 American Commercial Refrigeration?

We have performed commercial refrigeration repair & service in the Atlanta, GA area for 33 years. We believe in being a service-company first and provide high-quality service to a large number of clients throughout the Atlanta area. We understand Emergency call can happen at any time, so our technicians provide commercial refrigeration services 24 hours 7 days a week. “Overtime Applies” after 5;00 PM.
Allow our highly certified technicians to help you and your business. Call A1 American Commercial Refrigeration at 678-230-9517.

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